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Quick Advice for Financial Planning In Your 40s

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It’s typically a good idea for a person to think about saving for retirement and how to make their money work for them when they’re young and first start to work, but the real truth is that many people don’t think about financial planning until many years later, often not until they’re in their 40s. This may be because they are now closer to retirement than when they were in their 20s, or they may be becoming more responsible about their spending overall. Read More»

Why You Need a BAS Agent and an Accountant

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New business owners may be wondering whether they should hire a BAS agent or an accountant for their businesses. This article discusses why you need the services of both professionals. Cost Implications A BAS agent refers to a licensed professional who performs bookkeeping duties for a business. BAS stands for Business Activity Statement. An accountant performs broader roles such as filing your tax returns and advising you on matters affecting the financial health of your business. Read More»

What Every Freelancer Should Know about Amended Returns

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As a freelancer, it is up to you to pay your taxes and handle all of your tax information. One instance you may come across is needing to amend a return. This could be due to a client that sends you tax information late, or it may be a client you forgot about until after you had already turned in your taxes. If you face having to amend your taxes through your local tax accountant, there are some things you should know. Read More»