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Top Tax Tips for Small Businesses

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Sometimes running a small business can feel like spinning plates, especially if you’re responsible for many different areas.  It’s therefore not surprising that filing your tax return through your tax accountant is often left to the last minute.  This is not a good strategy as it can leave you open to fines for late payment if you have to amend the return or provide additional documentation that was missing with your first submission. Read More»

Accounting Tips for Your Small Business That Will Simplify the Process

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Keeping track of the books for your small business might seem like a nuisance, but it is required for tax related purposes.  It is possible to save time and money as a small business owner if you know what accounting strategies are most effective. This means that if you want your small business to be in good standing with Australian Taxation Office, there are some accounting tips that you can adopt to simplify the process and also ensure that you have adequate accounting records. Read More»