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Why Planning Is Critical If You're Planning to Sell Your Business

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As a small-business owner of long standing, you should be rightly proud of your achievements. You’ve built up this organisation from scratch and have been able to retain customers over the long term, and you may have a certain amount of intellectual property associated with your efforts as well. While you may be earning a reasonable amount each year as you continue to operate, you may be starting to think about the future. Read More»

What You Need to Consider If You're Trying to Buy a Business As a Going Concern

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Do you like the idea of being an independent business owner, but are not sure if you want to start the entire process from scratch? In other words, do you want to take advantage of other people’s experience (and mistakes) so that you get a head start in your endeavours? If so, then you will need to look at businesses that are for sale as an ongoing concern and satisfy yourself that they will be the right choice for you. Read More»